Hardeeville-Ridgeland Middle School Counseling Department


The HRMS School Counseling program is a comprehensive and collaborative approach that includes students, families, teachers, administration, and community stakeholders. The program is designed to provide personal, social, educational, and career development. It supports the District's mission to provide an environment that will prepare all students to be college and career ready. We are an integral part of the total educational environment that utilizes the South Carolina Comprehensive School Counseling and Career Guidance Model as a guide and adheres to the ASCA National Model.


                                                          A Word from the Counselors


As students enter middle school, we often see an increase in emotions. Stress may come from a variety of sources. One way that you can help your student is to remain calm and listen to their concerns. That’s not to say you should let it go on for an extensive amount of time, but simply allow them time to express the emotions they are struggling with, so they can properly “vent." You may want to calmly and firmly reassure your student. As difficult as it may be, try to withhold your own emotions in front of your student. Many times students will “feed off” the emotions of others (mirroring). Do not back off of your expectations for your student. Remind them in a clear and concise way what is expected and that you love them.

As counselors, we are here to help your student deal with the emotions that inevitably plague the typical middle school student…even on a “good day.” Our teachers are very observant and will often refer students for us to check on. However, no one knows your child better than you. If you have any concerns about your child, please feel free to contact us. 


We are here to help!


HRMS Clubs and Mentoring Groups


Real Champions Mentoring Group is a faith-based program encouraging 6-8 grade males to excel following the C.A.N.E.S. character development platform. Being a faith-based mentoring program, real Champions will use Bible passages and prayer to encourage your student to achieve success. Real Champions is under the direction of community volunteers Mr. Walter Wheeler and Mr. John Ring. A team of three volunteers led by volunteer Percy Poindexter will meet with participating students once a week. 


Educational Talent Search is a program that assists students (grades 6-8) with a C+ or higher average who are interested in a career that requires a college degree or technical training. The program covers topics on how to pay for college (Financial Aid), career planning, and different career options and life skills such as self-esteem, goal setting, and much more. Linda Greene is the facilitator for HRMS and meets with students once a month.


Wise Girl Club is a program for female students (grades 7-8) that covers topics such as self-esteem, life skills, and other topics that are relevant to young females. Satori Williams is the facilitator and meets with participating students once a week.


Men of Strength (MOST) Club is a program designed for male youths (grades 7-12) seeking to be strong without being violent. Participants are encouraged to become peer leaders in promoting nonviolence, healthy relationships, and gender equality. Aldriene Parker is the group leader and meets with participating students once a week.