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Principal - Blake Raley

Greetings to our Hurricane families, students, supporters, and stakeholders. I would like to personally welcome you to “THE HARDEEVILLE JUNIOR-SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL”. It is an honor to serve as principal of Hardeeville Junior-Senior High School. The opportunity to lead our awesome staff, mentor the finest students in Jasper County, and serve this community is something that I welcome both personally and professionally. As a school family, we are excited for the opportunity to “re-open” Hardeeville Junior-Senior High School and we look forward to a fantastic year.


The opening of any school year is an exciting time. This year begins with a change in our school’s academic calendar. Our students will begin the 2022-2023 school year on Monday July 25th, 2022. The full 2022-2023 academic calendar can be viewed on our school webpage. This year also marks a grade configuration change, and we will now serve students in 6th thru 12th grade. All students are expected to follow our school dress code policy from Day 1 through Day 180. Students in grades 6-7-and 8th grade will wear orange polo tops and students in grades 9-10-11-and 12th grade will wear dark green polos. All grade levels may choose between black or khaki bottoms. For a full listing of our school dress code and our school supply list, please visit our school webpage.


At HJSHS we begin and end each academic day with safety in mind. All students, staff, and visitors must enter through our designated entrances. Everyone who arrives through our doors must proceed through our metal detectors and all student bags will pass through our scanning devices during entry. One additional security measure that will be implemented and enforced this school year, is with the addition of student ID’s. The student ID is now a part of the student dress-code and all students are expected to wear a student ID at all times during school hours. Failure to do so, will result in a student infraction that will be handled according to our code of conduct. We take pride in creating a safe learning environment for all students, staff, and visitors.


The 2022-2023 school year will add a protocol that will be benefit our learning environment. Each classroom is equipped with cell phone caddies that will be utilized during classroom instruction. Students are expected to power off cell phone devices and place into the cell phone caddie at the beginning of the instructional period. Student cell phones will remain inside the cell phone caddies until the period ends. Students will be allowed to retrieve their cell phones before moving onto the next class period. Our administrative team carefully analyzed our student discipline data and discovered that an extreme high number of all student infractions were attributed to social media or misuse of cell phones during the instructional day. Such action hinders student engagement, disrupts the learning environment, and leads to further discipline infractions.


Each student, returning and new enrollees, must complete our district enrollment packet. You may find this information at: https://jasper.esvportal.com/Login.aspx  Please keep in mind that our school will have onsite registration on Tuesday July 12th during the hours of 8:45AM-11:45AM and 1:00PM-4:00PM.


Our staff is committed to providing each student with a quality education while providing a safe and secure learning environment. As stakeholders we ask that you, please consider joining our School Improvement Council (SIC) and our Parent Teacher Association (PTA). This is the starting point for creating positive change within our school. We look forward to providing opportunities for our parents and stakeholders throughout the school year. Additional information can be found our school webpage. 


We would like to welcome you out to our "2022-2023 Kick-Off" on Saturday July 23rd from 10:00AM - 12:00PM in our school gymnasium. Parents and students will have the opportunity to visit with staff, pick-up student schedule, meet with our coaches, and various club leaders. We will announce more details in the next two weeks. Enjoy the rest of your summer and we will see you soon.