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I am Mrs. Sunitha Induri, a teacher at Hardeeville Jr. Sr. High School.  I teach Earth Science. I am very excited to work with my students to enable them to be successful this academic year. Using technology as a tool, we use the website to do various activities in the lesson. The following is a little extra information about what we learn in the class. 

  • Earth and Space Science helps students understand the universe and Earth's place within it, that the Earth is continuously changing, and human activities significantly change the rates of Earth's surface processes. 
  • Earth scientists use repeatable observations and testable ideas to understandand explain our planet. It is important that you have a solid, continuing conceptual understanding of the topics we will cover all year since this is the key to being able to apply your understanding in new contexts. 

This course is for motivated, college-bound EOC  that involves group learning, audio-visual aids such as animations and DVD’s, on-line lessons, lecture, portfolio assignments survey of biology topics, including biochemistry, cytology, molecular and applied genetics, organism diversity, human anatomy and health and ecology

I look forward to having a great year and I welcome each one of you to contact me for further details. 


Email address: [email protected] 


Contact: 843 310 1898. Extn: 6403