Dr. Valarie Greene » Unit 2: Energy! Energy! Energy!

Unit 2: Energy! Energy! Energy!

Students are introduced to a few  energy types — electrical, light, chemical sound and thermal — as well as the renewable energy sources of wind, hydro (water) and solar power. Subjects range from understanding that the movement of energy at the electron level creates electricity that powers our world, to recognizing the Sun as our ultimate energy source. 
Students explore a wide range of scientific topics related to the fundamentals of energy: kinetic and potential energy, light waves, reflection, refraction, convection, sound waves, volume, pitch, frequency, radiation, heat capacity, heat transfer.  Other aspects of energy are explored, including energy consumption and conservation, batteries, simple circuits, conduction and insulation, polarization, power grid and blackouts. As they delve into details about wind, water and solar power, students learn about thermometers, anemometers, wind and water turbines (windmills and waterwheels), and even direct solar heating and cooking. 
We are energized to learn!