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 MS. CESPEDIES' 7th GRADE ELA!          
It’s the beginning of a new semester and the ride has gotten a bit more intense but nevertheless fun!!
Dear Parents & Students,
This semester will be great!!! We will be starting Unit 3&4 and will kick off reading a novel “The Outsiders” by S.E Hinton.We will  learn how to write persuasively and construct arguments and write poetry.
There is also the Spelling Bee and the Debate Competitions to look forward to that promise to be great!
Let’s remember to study and work hard so that we can bring our map test scores up and also do well  on our SCPASS/ SC Ready tests... I am behind you 100% to teach, guide, help and encourage.
Your teacher,

Name: Nickie Cespedies

Email :                                                    

Phone: (843)310-1898 

Room: S02



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