About Me

 HRMS Sixth Grade science
    I LOVE teaching at HRMS! We start each day with a mantra to motivate and uplift our students as they begin their day. This is my fourth year at HRMS and I am filled with joy over "coming home" to my area of expertise. I am teaching Sixth Grade Science and Robotics this year. I served 20 years in the Marine Corps as an Avionics Technician and have a B.S. Degree in Aviation Management so yes, I am a techno geek!
    This is my 20th year teaching in South Carolina and I have a Master's Degree in Education and Gifted and Talented Education. I am certified in Middle School Math, Science, and Language Arts. I am also a certified Master Naturalist and Master Gardener for the state of South Carolina through Clemson University. Outdoors and "out of the box" is my thing! I enjoy all things outdoors,and love learning. I am continuously seeking out new opportunities to enhance my ability to teach your children currently I am working with the "Seeds to Shore" program and we are growing spartina grass to refurbish our shoreline.
    I look forward to a wonderfully successful school year!