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Welcome Students and Parents!
This is my webpage where I will be updating you periodically on events happening in our classroom!
A Little Bit About Me:
I'm a native of Kentucky, but have been in South Carolina for 5 years. I'm a graduate of Centre College in Danville, KY (Go Colonels) with a Bachelors in Government and History. I have a Master's in Teaching from Bellarmine University in Louisville. 
I'm working on my 15th year teaching Middle School, and this is my third year in Jasper County. I live just across the border in Bluffton with my wife and daughter, who is a 9th grader this year. 
Our Focus this Year:
Students will understand the impacts of changes in world history, and how economics, politics, and geography drive how we live today. 
Please contact me here with any questions, concerns, or ideas! I'm looking forward to our year!

Recent Posts

Week of October 23

Hello again parents! This week we will have our 3rd unit test. This will cover the movement for independence and the American Revolution. I have placed an assignment on Study Island for students to use as a review. 
I will be leaving tomorrow for a conference in Myrtle Beach, so I will unfortunately not be present for Conference Night. If you have questions regarding your child's report card, please don't hesitate to contact me by email or call the school. I will be happy to speak with you!
Have a great week!

Week of October 9

Good Morning!
This week we will be working on the movement by Colonists to declare independence from England. We will be discussing the actions taken by the British to inflame colonial feelings (the various Acts of Parliament), Colonial responses to those actions (such as the Boston Tea Party), and the rise of the Sons of Liberty and Christopher Gadsden. We will finish the week with the outbreak of armed conflict in Boston and Charleston, leading us into the next week of the Declaration of Independence and the Revolution.
There are no tests or quizzes scheduled for this week, but students will be working on a mini-project on Christopher Gadsden on Thursday.

Week of September 25

This week we will continue to work on the development of the colony of South Carolina with examinations of the expansion of Agriculture, the Gullah society in South Carolina, and the changes in Government that leads to the idea of independence. Progress reports were sent home last Thursday. Please ensure to check in regularly on Parent Portal to ensure that your child is completing assignments!