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Nathan Thorpe

Hello, I am Mr. Nathan Thorpe and I will be your Computer Science and Keyboarding Connect Teacher. I am originally from the state of Virginia and have just recently moved to Beaufort County, South Carolina with my fiancee. I have a BS in physics with minors in astrophysics and math. I am planning on going part time to work on my masters in physics while I work at HRMS. 
This is my third year in education with my two previous years being back in Virginia. My first year was teaching middle school science for 7th and 8th grade. Luckily that was just before Covid and so this provided me the experience to work in the building with middle school age students. My second year was teaching high school physics and astronomy. This was during Covid and the school district I was with had everyone on virtual learning. This provided me the skills of working online and how to have them be successful in that difficult situation. 
My years of education, even prior to college, provided me the knowledge to teach computer science and keyboarding. I've been typing in the proper technique since the 5th grade. My father has been working IT for several companies for all my life and so I picked up a lot my knowledge of computers and operate from him. While an experience at a Virginia Summer Governor School and college gave me the opportunity improve this knowledge and add on the concepts of logic and an introduction to coding.