Dear Parent,
I hope you and your family are safe and well. Thank you for coming to my web page. For the duration of the school closure due to Covid-19  and even after ,your child is expected to log in to
Complete the assigned work.
The work is expected to be completed daily and for a grade. I required that students complete at least four (4) lessons daily in Aleks and Acellus and complete USA test Prep work that is assigned for the week.
Each teacher is required to contact each parent each week we are out. Please expect a contact from me. If there is a specific day or time that would be best for you please email me a preferred day of the week or time. If you preferred email please let me know.
Thank you for your patience and help.
                                                                                                       Best Regards
                                                                                                        Doreen Ford
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Welcome to Week 4

Dear Students,
Welcome to Week 4 of E-Learning. I know that you might feel overwhelm by the work you have to do. Just take some time to relax and refocus on the things that are important. I want you to work at your own space to get the work done. Initially I gave you a timeframe in which to work but I realized that it was too much work for students with the other classes to do. My advice is to do you best.
Those of you who are Doing Algebra 1, it is imperative that you work to the best of your ability in Acellus as this is a credit course. You still need to work in Aleks and USAtestprep from time to time. If you know of any Algebra 1 student without a computer let me know  Thank you 

Week 3:Systems of equations and Inequalities

Students will learn how to solve systems of equations and Inequalities problems
Dear Students,
Report cards will be issued this Thursday and Friday March 26-March 27, 2020 from 8:30 am to 3:00pm at Hardeeville Middle school for students living in Hardeeville and at the High school for students living in Ridgeland