Pro-Team Students Raise Money for SC Hurricane Florence Relief

Students from the Pro-Team class (Fall 2018 cohort) participated in a service learning program by raising funds for residents of Horry county who were affected by Hurricane Florence. Gail Temple, a representative from the Red Cross came in today to speak with students about the Red Cross and collection and allocation of funds.

The Pro-Team Program aims to interest middle school students in the education profession before they become "turned off" to the possibility of a career in teaching. Positive learning experiences and role models are essential to the program's success.

The program is designed to help students set realistic goals for the future that include the steps to prepare for successful completion of high school and college. The Pro-Team Program can be considered the beginning course in the education and training career cluster model and is comprised of seven modules and 51 descriptors with an emphasis on character development, career readiness skills, and an exploration of teaching and education professions. Each module has required components as well as optional ones and family involvement activities are infused throughout the curriculum.