HRMS commended as a "wonderful learning environment"

Letter to the editor: Middle school a ‘wonderful’ educational environment

Dr. Leroy Dinkins recently took a moment out of his busy schedule to have a brief lecture with my grandson, sixth-grader Zaki Washington, always informing him that “safety comes first.”

In the midst of their picture is the saying, “EXCELLENCE EVERY DAY, NOTHING LESS.” This is just one of the many educational quotes that I experienced on the wall while strolling through the halls of Hardeeville-Ridgeland Middle School. 

As I continued on, I observed that lots of time and consideration is invested in the wall art — with lots and lots of motivational quotes — as a reminder that this is making it so much easier for the learning process for our children.

Most definitely HRMS is a wonderful educational environment with crisp, fresh and organized classrooms. I would love to recommend or encourage the community to take some time to go visit your child’s school and perhaps he or she can get a chance to fist bump with their principal, Dr. Dinkins, like my grandson did. For me, I enjoyed seeing so many “works of art” and being surrounded by such attentive staff members.

This was an honor and a privilege; something that we both will always remember and cherish. Thanks Dr. Dinkins for making this possible.

Bambi Smith