HRMS Students Participate in Math League Competition

Congratulations to the 24 HRMS students who participated in the school’s first Math League competition on February 27, 2020. Testing consisted of Sprint, Target, Number Sense, and Team rounds. Math League is the largest network of math competitions for elementary, middle, and high school students in the United States and abroad. Every year, Math League conducts more than 400 competitions and reaches over 30,000 students. The following students achieved winning scores in the competition:

6th grade: 1st place-Hannah Swinton; 2nd place-Efrain Tinoco; 3rd place-Joseph Ferguson

7th grade: 1st place-Javier Abarca

8th grade: 1st place-Denasia Haynes; 2nd place-Brianna Sanders; 3rd place-Gabrielle Chaney

 Team Round Winners: Denasia Haynes, Gabrielle Chaney, Samara Gibbs, Jenna Rountree

The following students qualified to participate in the national Math League Intersect tournament: Denasia Haynes, Oswaldo Trejo, Gabrielle Chaney, Brianna Sanders, Shelly Brinson

 Click here to view photos of this event.