HRMS Band Students Earn High Ratings at Solo & Ensemble Festival

CONGRATULATIONS to the following HRMS Band students who participated in the SCBDA Solo & Ensemble Festival at Cane Bay Middle School on Saturday, May 4, 2019 and earned high scores!  The objectives of Solo & Ensemble Festival are to provide opportunities for students to excel as individual performers and to provide constructive criticism from qualified adjudicator, to provide enriched musical experiences for the participants and to promote the performance of solo literature and chamber ensemble literature.  

SUPERIOR RATINGS (highest rating you can receive)

Oscar Gomez Romero - Alto Saxophone Solo - PERFECT SCORE

Randi Hanney - Flute Solo

Zakiera Herring - Flute Solo

Sole' Bennett - Bass Clarinet Solo

Brandin Floyd - Alto Saxophone Solo

Johana Trejo Salinas- Clarinet Solo

Jerome Wright - French Horn Solo

Sole' Bennett & Mikayla Ferguson - Clarinet Duet

Amayrani Gonzalez & Mauricio Rogel - Oboe & Mallet Percussion Duet


EXCELLENT RATINGS (second highest rating you can receive)

Randi Hanney & Johana Trejo Salinas - Flute & Clarinet Duet

Brandin Floyd & Isaias Gonzalez - Alto Saxophone & Trombone Duet

Mauricio Rogel & Jerome Wright - Mallet Percussion & French Horn Duet